Cauipe Lagoon


Jurema, Caucaia - CE, Brazil

Lat: -3.59 Long: -38.78 Open in Google Map
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Spot - Kitesurf

Wind Direction : NE, E, SE
Water Condition : Flat
Min. skill level : Beginner, Intermediate
Launch Conditions : Good
Season : Jan, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Cauipe Lagoon (Lagoa de Cauipe) is a flat freshwater lagoon, right at the Barra do Cauipe beach – 7km north from Cumbuco’s center. The south part is for beginners and kite lessons, so respect that! the north part is where the action is, Barracas, buggy drivers and pro’s flying around. Water level depends on rainfall, can be very shallow at some parts and quite deep in others. The lagoon is quite crowded all season, especially at weekends. Its fun to hang out there all day, but best to kite is early in the morning, or at the end of the day. A buggy ride back costs 40 R$ and usually shared by 4 riders. You can get there, by normal car via villa gale road. Consult the locals view the map in “Getting there” section.

Launch Conditions

The beach has a pretty good area to launch and land the kite, no concrete, no buildings, just sand and coconuts trees. Only some cars can be park around the lagoon. Sand on the northern top and grass and barracas on the South side. Weekends can get really crowded with locals, there are windsurfers too and on the shores many people, swimmers and bathers. During the week there’s no people, only kiters.


The wind is good to fly with an 12-16 sqm kite most part of the year. Best winds from August to January, strongest around September. About 100% from July to January and 65% from February to June.

How To Get There

From Cumbuco there are three ways, on the beach with a buggy (7km), through the road crossing the dunes, but very bad paved and through the road at the bifurcation (not signed) some kms after the entrance to Lagoa de Banana.

Local Rules

In Cauipe are animals, at the north tip, where animals defecate can be bacteria and therefore can represent a danger to the skin. Be aware of where you sit, step or lay. The lagoon can be very pact, so be aware and respectful to other kiters and keep distance, specially to beginners.


Nearest nightlife is in cumbuco or Fortaleza

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