Cumbuco Beach


R. do Lagoa do Parnamirizinho, 473 - Cumbuco, Caucaia - CE, Brazil

Lat: -3.63 Long: -38.72 Open in Google Map
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Spot - Kitesurf

Wind Direction : E, SE
Water Condition : Chop, Wave - Small
Min. skill level : Intermediate
Launch Conditions : Good
Season : Jan, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Clean water. Choppy conditions getting more ridable after 3pm when the wind drops a bit. Tides start to change every 6 hours. During the peak of the tide it can be extremely choppy but decreasing as the tide starts going down. A few small fishermen and tourist boats closer to the center. Best during low tides. The best conditions can be found during full moon low tides. Sometimes an excellent swell comes in.

Launch Conditions

Long, sandy beach. Several kilometers long, can hold hundreds of kiters. Lots of space, only in front of the Eco Paradise it gets packed during season. On high tide the beach can get very narrow at some spots. Horses and cars on the beach, pay attention when launching and landing.


The main wind direction is southeast and is in Cumbcuo sideshore from the right. Most of the times the wind is already good in the morning, it pics up around 12:00 and drops again around 16:00 and you can kite till 18:00 when the sun sets. The wind is steady and almost always around 5BFT. The wind is always more than the statistics or forecast on windfinder because the wind is thermal too. The further north you go the harder the wind blows.

Local Rules

There’s traffic of buggies, quads and horses on the beach. Do not kite in front of the main village, where all the beach restaurants are. Look out for tourists on the beach. Cumbuco is the closest tourist destination near Fortaleza and therefore it’s the chosen one day destination for almost all tourist getting to the city, also there are trips of dune buggy available to the ones interested to ride the buggy on the dunes.


Fun nightlife on Fridays and Saturdays in some beach bars and the local club. Great nightlife in Fortaleza, just 30 min drive by car. Taxis take you for 60-100 Reais (get a fixed price, don’t drive by meter). Normally the taxi is cheaper going back to Cumbuco. Monday: Pirata, Tuesday: Arre Egua, Wednesday: Armazem, Thursday: Croco Beach or Orbita, Friday: Arre Egua, Austin Pub and many more, Saturday: Armazem and the nightclubs, Sunday: Orbita. The Forro concerts are also good fun.

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