Dakhla Spirit 23 W Sahara Ave, Dakhla, Morroco

Dakhla Spirit


23 W Sahara Ave, Dakhla, Morroco

Lat: 23.903591 Long: -15.7852199 Open in Google Map
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Season : Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Distance to spot : 0-200m
Education-/Training : Kitesurf Lessons
Tel. : +212 639106567
Opening Hours
  • See website for details.

The Dakhla Spirit Camp is located at the best spot in the whole Dakhla lagoon right overlooking the water. There are both newest bungalows and traditional moroccan tents, and a great terrace where you can eat, drink and relax, which is fully sheltered from the wind. Sit here and watch the dolphins swimming amongst the kiters and windsurfers… Trust us it’s a sight you will not forget!

We are a small and friendly camp, where everyone gets to know each other, everyone will feel welcome, and the emphasis is on good times and good vibes. You have choice between few accommodation options. We have comfortable moroccan tents which are sheltered from the wind. Each tent has two beds, light, and electricity for charging what you need.

There are charming new bungalows (suitable for one, two or three people) with private bathroom, unforgettable view over the lagoon and spacious terrace where you can chill out with a cup of morrocan tea after your kite session.

We also have the option of smaller bungalows, with a more economic price, that have shared bathroom and shower facilities.
We offer free wifi in our restaurant area for all clients. For anyone who requires more connection, we have the option of 3G USB sticks available for rental at 20 euros per week.
Equipment storage area and rescue boat cover are also including in the price our your stay with us.

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