Kite Beach


Dolphin Beach, Table View, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Lat: -33.83 Long: 18.48 Open in Google Map
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Spot - Kitesurf

Wind Direction : SE, S
Water Condition : Wave - Medium, Wave - Big
Min. skill level : Intermediate
Launch Conditions : Medium
Season : Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec

One of the great wave spots in Cape Town, South Africa. Waves can are between 1-4m faces normally, but can get huge at times. Beyond the breaker zone, there is a fairly easy going swell. Shore break varies, but usually isn’t gruesome. Bigger waves in the winter. Water ranges from being really flat, to really choppy.

The beach is very long (several kilometers). To the south is Dolphin Beach. The beach is wide enough to lay out plenty of lines and launch. Nice, sandy beach. There is a tap where you can rinse yourself and your board. Plenty of grass to rig on if you choose not to rig on the beach.

Wind mostly sideshore from the left. Due to slightly strange local effects, the wind is generally sideshore or onshore. In the summer, the wind is mostly S to SE, but of which are pretty exactly sideshore; this is the perfect wind (called Cape Dr.) and can get very strong at times – up to 40 knots. The wind tends to pick up in the mornings and get stronger. So if super strong winds are predicted, get there early! NW is mostly a bad weather or winter wind. Less reliable, but often associated with big waves. SW is onshore and doesn’t usually get strong at kite beach. Go to Sunset Beach, Melkbos or Big Bay. Surfing is possible all year round, although the summer months (December to March) have the best winds. In the winter, you will mostly find NW winds (from the right), although these come rarely. Steady winds.

How to get there
Follow the R27 (North) out of Cape Town. Turn left at the Dolphin Beach Hotel at the entrance to Tabe View. Follow the beach road, then you will get to Kite Beach.

The nightlife and clubscene is good in Cape Town.

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